Helpful Tips and Hints

Information that you need to know when purchasing Wedding Invitations…

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  • Are you following a theme/color?
  • Will you be sending out Save The Date Cards or Magnets?
  • How many guests are invited? (Count per household, not per guest)
  • Where is your Wedding Ceremony?
  • What time is your Ceremony?
  • Will your Reception immediately follow the Ceremony?
  • Where will the Reception be?
  • Are you going to do a separate Reception Card or put the information on the Invitation?
  • What time does your Reception begin?
  • When do you need your Response by?
  • Will you need to list dinner choices?
  • Will you be providing a map / directions?
  • Will you be providing Hotel Accommodation information?

Helpful Hints

  • Save the Dates are usually sent out 6-8 months before the Wedding
  • Reception information can be added to the invitation card or put on a separate card
  • Response Cards include addressed envelopes, with YOUR address
  • Traditionally, the responses went back to the Brides parents or the Bride
  • Responses are usually marked for 2 -3 weeks prior to the Wedding
  • For the Thank you notes, we recommend using a monogram or having Mr. & Mrs. (your name here) printed.  This allows you to personalize the message which is more appreciated.  A pre-printed thank you message does not illustrate the amount of appreciation you should send in return for the generous gift.

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