Recycled Kraft Napkins

“Go Green” with Elegance…

We now offer napkins made from 100% recycled tissue.








For more information and to order napkins <click here>

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Wedding Gifts

The question I have heard lately is “Do the Bride and Groom have to exchange Wedding Gifts?” 

Research has indicated the exchanging of gifts between the Bride and Groom, although a tradition, is not mandatory.  Gift exchanges are by personal choice between the Bride and Groom to be. 

Although, it can be nice to give a gift, in reality the gift is the promise to each other that is given between the Bride and the Groom on their Wedding day.  No gift could be greater than the promise to love each other for better or worse.  To Love, honor, cherish, obey… until death do you part. 

The Greatest gift of all is unconditional love for one another.  The symbolizism being the wedding bands and honeymoon plans.

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Product Highlights

How Beautiful the Peacock is, it’s colorful whispy feathers give one a sense of whimsical magic. Capture the elegance of a peacock feather with your Wedding Invitation and carry the theme through your reception.  Bags, Napkins, coasters, matches and more can be purchased with coordinating feather design.

InspirationPeacock Invitation

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Spring is in the air…

“You took my hand as a friend from the start, and now on this day I give you my heart.”


Simple Elegance
Simple Elegance
Hotel bags * Wedding Invitations * Cake Bags * Cake Boxes * Custom Napkins * Photo Napkins *  Matchbooks
Coordinate your complete Wedding!


Pretty in Pink

You can find everything you need at  Save the Dates cards, Shower invitations, Wedding Invitations, napkins, boxes and more.

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Favorite Wedding Ideas

Sometimes planning a wedding can be overwhelming.  Everyone seems to have wonderful ideas but finding the perfect idea for a favor, the bouquet, flowers, balloons, chair covers… is so much to consider.  Do you even know your options?

I would like to share some of the great ideas I’ve come across and encourage you to share any ideas you have or a special favor you used for your wedding.  You are welcome to also share any ideas that turned out badly and let us know what went wrong.

– Music or photo Cd’s with personalized CD Case inserts

A personalized mix of your favorite music, or special photos you would like to share with your family and friends makes a favor as unique as you are.

– Chocolate Suckers or personalized m&m’s – chocolate makes everyone happy

– Hotel Gift Bags filled with necessities such as, comb, mini hairspray, mini shampoo & conditioner, lotion and maybe a small bag of munchies



– Candy Buffet – just make sure the bag you use is not to big.  Keep in mind, the bigger the bag the more your guests will fill them and the more candy you will need to provide.

– Chair favor boxes make nice favor containers and also serve as placecards. The box is just the right size for truffles, small candies, or small favors like key-chains.

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Invitation Q&A

Information you need when purchasing Wedding Invitations…

(view more invitations)

  • Are you following a theme / color
  • Will you be sending out Save The Date cards or magnets?
  • How many guests are invited? (Count per household, not per guest)
  • Where is your Wedding Ceremony?
  • What time is your Ceremony?
  • Will your Reception immediately follow the Ceremony?
  • Where will the Reception be?
  • Are you going to do a separate Reception card or put the information on the invitation?
  • What time does your Reception begin?
  • When do you need your Response by?
  • Will you need to list dinner choices?
  • Will you be providing a map / directions?
  • Will you be providing Hotel Accomodation information?

Helpful Hints

  • Save the Dates are usually sent out 6-8 months before the Wedding
  • Reception information can be added to the invitation card or put on a separate card
  • Response Cards include addressed envelopes, with YOUR address
  • Traditionally, the responses went back to the Brides parents or the Bride
  • Responses are usually marked for 2 -3 weeks prior to the Wedding
  • For the Thank you notes, we recommend using a monogram or having Mr. & Mrs. (your name here) printed.  This allows you to personalize the message which is more appreciated.  A pre-printed thank you message does not illustrate the amount of appreciation you should send in return for the generous gift.


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Bridal Shower Q&A

Bridal Shower Q&A

  • Who throws the Bridal Shower?  The Bridal Shower traditionally has been thrown by the Bridesmaids.  However, more modern times bring much change.  I have found more and more that the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom are collaborating to throw a joint shower or each their own shower. 
  • Who is invited to the Bridal Shower?  Starting with the Bridal Party, the mom’s, friends and family.  However, if you are not inviting someone to your Wedding then they should not be invited to the Shower.
  • When is the right time to have the Shower?   Your Bridal Shower should be celebrated 4 – 8 weeks prior to your Wedding.
  • Do I have to have Games? Games are not necessary but are usually expected.  Finding fun ways to jazz up your shower in different ways can be exciting as well.  Find a fun game or to that’s simple but portrays who you are.  This will help your new family addition get to know you. 

Here’s a Great site I found that has some suggestions:


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Personalized Glassware

Beautiful, elegant personalized glassware makes the perfect gift for the Wedding Party.   Picture the Head Table all dressed up with the perfect personalized piece of glassware to match the personality or taste of your Bridesmaid or Groomsmen.

A gift that can be a keepsake or used regularly.  The traditional Champagne glass for the Bride and Groom, beer glass for the Groomsmen or Bridesmaid, coffee mug or travel mug for the coffee drinkers.

Add a bottle of their favorite liquor or specialty coffee / tea for a special touch.

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